Doing a whois of my IP number comes back with an address of: 3140 Aquitaine Ave, Streetsville, ON L5N3S5. As it turns out this is the address of the Bell CO responsible for my VDSL2 service. I’ve driven past this address countless times before but never really noticed much as it’s not much visible. Today I set out to explore this unusual hidden building and discovered some interesting facts about it. It’s an underground bunker style building, like something you’d want to be in in the event of a nuclear blast.

Here’s an satellite view of the facility. The red line outlines are area of the underground bunker. It’s actually quite large, large enough to house 2 telephone exchanges when it was built in 1998. Both 905-785 and 905-824 NPA-NXX are switched here.


NPA-NXXBLOCKRate CentreRegionOCNLATALIREff dateDisc date
905-785 AStreetsvilleON8051 Bell Canada888805136 
905-824 AStreetsvilleON8051 Bell Canada888805136 

As shown above it’s a RSC (Remote Switch Center) which gets its uplink from a DMH host ERMLON65CG0 which is in nearby ERIN MILLS.

The front door.

Backup Diesel Generator

Climbing up …

Ontop of the bunker… you’d never know what’s under here!

Located at the back I found an Emergency Escape Hatch. This would be required by building code as you always need a 2nd exit out of any building in case of a fire or some other event that might block you from using the front exit.

Behind the bunker you don’t see much, just a sidewalk and crosswalk to a school.

One thing I did notice at the back was a splice box.