Proposed Canadian National TT&C Ground Segment Plan

The proposed plan would include 5 TT&C station locations situated across Canada giving the widest geographic area of coverage for LEO polar orbiting satellites.

Proposed Locations:

#1. Toronto, Ontario 43N, 79W

#2. Halifax, Nova Scotia 44N, 63W

#3. Iqaluit, Nunavut 63N, 68W

#4. Yellowknife, NWT 62N, 114W

#5. Whitehorse, YT 60N, 135W

Locations 1, 2, and 3 are commercial Satellite Teleport locations that we have secured access to for building the proposed TT&C stations.

Stations would be equipped to operate on the most popular frequency bands used by Cube and Nanosat operators, 400 MHz UHF Commercial, 473 MHz UHF Scientific, S & X band, and other bands if required.

The UHF section would use high gain Yagi-Uda antennas and the S & X band would use a 2 to 3 meter dish antenna. The antenna arrays would be mounted to a Az/Ez motor for satellite tracking and positioning.

A typical TT&C antenna system that would be used at each location.
In harsh winter areas of Canada, such as Nunavut, the antenna systems would be mounted inside a heated Radome enclosure.
UHF, S & X band radio transceivers along with the azimuth-elevation motor controller for satellite Tracking, Telemetry & Command (TT&C) .